No Credit Car Loans – Auto Loans For First Time Car Buyers

If you have never had credit in your name, financing a new or used car may be problematic. Still, there are ways to get around having no credit history. Several auto lenders offer loans to all types of people. If you have bad credit, no credit, or a recent repossession, there is a lender willing to help you. Here are a few tips to help first time car buyers get approved for loan.

Apply for a Major Credit Card or Gas Card

If financing a new or used car, it helps to have some sort of credit history. This way, lenders can receive an idea of likely credit habits. When a person with no credit history attempts to buy a car, most finance companies are hesitant to approve the loan application. Although some lenders will take a chance, those with no credit history will pay a higher interest rate.

Having at least one credit card can contribute to getting a low rate on an auto loan. Auto finance companies prefer applicants with a previous credit history. With this said, it may help to get approved for a major credit card, gas card, or store card.

For six months, pay the creditors on time and keep low balances. When an auto finance company reviews your credit report, they will notice a good payment history and approve your loan with confidence.

Use a No Credit Auto Loan Lender

If applying for a car loan with no credit history, skip dealership financing and find a local or online sub prime auto loan lender. Sub prime lenders offer many loans to accommodate different credit types. Thus, individuals with a terrible credit history can get approved easily. The auto loan rates offered to those with no credit history are reasonable, and generally lower than rates offered by the dealership.

Use a Co-signer Responsibly

Establishing a strong credit history takes time. If you are eager to get a car loan, and you prefer a low rate, use a co-signer. Co-signers are required to sign the loan agreement. As the primary car buyer, you are responsible for the loan payments. Keep in mind that co-signers become responsible for the loan if you are unable to repay.

Lease Financing

For auto-consumers, crunching the numbers is one of the most difficult and
confusing aspects of leasing.
Take the finance charge on a lease for instance. Most people just don’t
understand how this is calculated on capitalised cost AND residual value
instead of just the capitalised cost. For most, it seems plainly obvious,
just as is the case when purchasing, that a charge should be levied on the
capitalised cost of the vehicle.

Well, no quite! When you lease a car, you’re only using the car over a
specified period of time with the option of buying the car. The residual
value represents the “loan balance” at the end of the lease. If you add it
to the capitalized cost and divide by two, you’ll get the average
capitalized cost outstanding over the lease term. Let us suppose you’re
leasing a car with a capitalized cost of $25,000 and a residual value of
$15,000. You average balance over the lease term, irrespective of how long
it is, is $20,000 – the sum of the two divided by two -.
Using this sum works because the money factor is the annual interest rate
devided by 24, rather than 12. Continuing with our example and assuming an
interest rate of 6% APR:
$30,000 X (6 per cent / 24) = $75
(Capitalized cost + residual value) X (interest rate / 24) = Monthly
finance charge
This finance charge is added to the depreciation charge to calculate the
monthly payments on your lease.

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Car loan – Homeowners loan – Secured personal loan – Car finance

Car loan | Homeowners loan | Secured personal loan | Car finance

Finance is an important sector in our personal as well as professional lives.
One cannot let money matters forego as it is a part and parcel of our daily needs and helps in living a comfortable life. However, want of money can be a pressing situation that can give any of us sleepless nights. At times, there are many situations when we are stuck in helpless situations when we are in need of loans. Sometimes, we are in such a situation when no banks or financial institutions are ready to pay us loans. Therefore, in order to help you out in your financial crisis, Choiceofloans is there to help you with various loan facilities that will lighten your burden.

Well, in case you are looking for a loan that can help you out in purchasing a new home or searching for a debt consolidation loans that will help you in reducing the burden of credits, ChoiceofLoans is one stop destination. It is specializes in secured loans, home owners loans and remortgage loans even if you face bad credit ratings.

With this, you can manage all your debt loans in an easy and hassle free way. In case you are worried about your outstanding loans and want to consolidate it, you can avail affordable debt consolidation loan policies that will lower your outgoings by 75%. If you are unable to handle your existing remortgage payments and looking for a good alternative, the company serves quality professional services that will make sure you pay off your debts in a hassle free way. They offer all loans at low quotes that make it easy for everyone in availing the brilliant loan services.

ChoiceofLoans offers you all the above said loan facilities even if you have been denied loan by County Court Judgment (CCJ) and have poor credit mortgage. This will help you in dealing with your financial woes by providing much needed cash. Choice of Loans is a renowned name in the UK for its loan services that come at 7.9% APR variable – 15.9% variable.

In order to help you in a thorough way, they are trusted partners with Paragon, SPPL, Firstplus, I Group, City Financial, Nemo, Swift, Welcome Finance and Future Mortgages that will surely help you out with various financial requirements in a personalized way. For more information about other financial services, make sure you fill their enquiry form that will help them in reaching towards you in a swift way. This will help you in solving all your financial needs in a simple way.

If you are looking for car finance, then also you can avail the facility of car loans and purchase your dream car with ease. So, no more sleepless nights and perplexed days when you are troubled with money constrains to solve your requirements. With choiceofloans in the UK, you can ensure quick car loans, car finance, home owner loans, debt consolidation loans, secured loans and poor credit mortgage in a simplified way. For more information about ChoiceofLoans, log on to

Bad Credit? Can you still get a bad credit car loan?

2181855987 b34e6f2dd0 Bad Credit? Can you still get a bad credit car loan?
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Are you one of the many people who have loan problems? No need to worry, for you are not alone.

Bad credit is not something to be ashamed of. Anyone can end up having it,just like the common cold. After some time and some effort on your part, you can turn a bad credit rating to a better one.

The good news is, even people with bad credit can be financed on bad credit car loans. Once you get there, you need to remember a few things, though, in order to turn your bad credit to the advantage of your bad credit car loan. Remember not to take on a car payment that you truly know in your heart that you can’t afford. Know what you can and cannot afford before talking to a car salesman.

There are many ways by which you can get a bad credit car loan even when you have a bad credit. You need to have sufficient income that can pay up all your bills including additional payment for your bad credit car loan, insurance, accessories, repairs and maintenance costs. A steady and sufficient income could get you that bad credit car loan even if you have a bad credit. Your lender would like to see that you’ve had your current job for at least a year and this could make them overlook your bad credit hence increase chances in approving your bad credit car loan. Try to maintain your address for a while, as well, for this can keep your bad credit at bay and help in the approval of your bad credit car loan.

Having a large down payment will also help in getting your new bad credit car loan. Your down payment will depend on the car model you wish to buy. It could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you want to have a better chance at having your bad credit car loan approved, you can be a member of a credit union. Even if you have bad credit, you can apply to them for a bad credit car loan. Their credit criteria is often more relaxed compared to banks and finance companies. The longer you have been a member in a credit union, the more positive the response is for your bad credit car loan despite a bad credit rating.

The same thing works for a local bank. Should you have had a previous loan with them, they could still want to take a chance with you on your bad credit car loan. If by any chance you have paid off a previous loan, they could consider your bad credit car loan application even if you have bad credit history in other banks of finance companies.

You could also get a bad credit car loan by having a co-signer. Your co-signer must have good credit rating himself and meet all the necessary requirement.

Bad credit will indeed affect your bad credit car loan application, but you can still explore other possibilities. A large volume new car dealer can give you deals you can bank on. Choose your vehicle and come up with a deal. Afterwards, talk with a finance manager who will work with you to get a bad credit car loan despite your bad credit. The trick is to see an aggressive finance manager who will see you through choosing your vehicle, overlooking your bad credit and getting a bad credit car loan soon.

Triumph over Your fiscal Crisis Fruitfully

2343486542 eec4d13bd2 Triumph over Your fiscal Crisis Fruitfully
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Have you ever been refused for obtaining a car loan? Do not get disappointed because the options to acquire a car loan are still available for you that would enable you to make your dream true of owning a car. You can get a car loan for any of your expensive or inexpensive dream car through Choiceofloans who specializes in offering various options that would overcome all your hurdles of getting car finance. To fulfil your dreams, people who are seeking car loans only need to fill up a simple form or can call directly to the experts who can effectively resolve all the hurdles you are facing in acquiring a loan. In case if you have bad credit history and looking out for a Secured loan provider who can arrange finance for you under such crisis situations too then without any hesitation come to Choiceofloans. Whatever your credit score is, we provide car loan under adverse situations and that too without making you indulge into lengthy legal formalities.

The loan offered by us can be taken by anybody regardless the person is caught under any default, arrears or CCJs. You can also acquire loan for consolidating your debts. If you are also an individual seeking Debt consolidation loan but facing different situational problems like a bad credit history or residential proof at the time of loan application, come direct to us and we will provide you all the solution for your fiscal condition and will help you to get Debt consolidation loans.

The loan provided by us is to execute your purpose for debt consolidation or remortgage regardless of the fact that the person is having poor credit record. We are truly dedicated to provide secured loan for people especially to the tenants as well as secured homeowner loan to them. You can get any kind of car loan or get car finance for your new car cheap remortgage rate by Choiceofloans.

We help you to get loan at a very low interest for which you need not to pay much as monthly instalment unlike others. We also welcome people to pay off their heavy debts by means of debt consolidation or lower interest secured loans. In some cases, the clients are also benefited by getting their amount of interest cut down as much as 75 percent for convenient repayment.

If you really want to get your car loan arranged so as to buy a brand new luxury car, log on to Here you will get financial advices or consultation by our specialized financial advisors so as to get yourself free from all financial worries and make your dream come true. Our mission is to provide finance to individuals for buying a car whether new or old by matching it perfectly to circumstances so that they can get best offered loan whether secured or unsecured for all their needs. So, what are you waiting for? Come to us and realize your dream of owning your own luxury car.

Car Loans – Take Your Pick

You may be one of those fortunate folk who know precisely want they want when it comes to replacing your car. Or maybe you’re the type who treks from garage to garage trying to find perfection. After a while all these cars merge into one and you can’t remember which extra was standard with which car. Your wife and children threaten to leave home and the cat and dog are less than impressed too. Maybe at this stage you turn your only friend, the computer, for inspiration and surf the net for bargains. They’re certainly there to be had, and as with most things nowadays, it’s an easy way to go, with lots of help and advice available at the click of a mouse.

If the latter category is the one that describes you best you have our deepest sympathy.

When it comes to financing your choice of car, be it new or second hand, the means to finance it can be just as bewildering, but making the right choice can save you a great deal of money.

Interest free finance is worth considering. This is normally offered through dealers and tends to be restricted to new car buyers. If the car of your choice is covered by one of these deals then this will probably make your decision a lot easier. Often these deals ask for a fairly substantial deposit. Not all models are offered at nil or preferential rates and the one you want may in fact be at a higher interest rate than normal. It’s all a matter of swings and roundabouts. If you’re a “haggler” then it’s unlikely you’ll get both a discount and a good finance deal. The better option may be to get the very best discount you can on the car and then arrange your own hire purchase or personal loan.

Dealers will be happier if you opt for hire purchase. It’s easy to arrange and offered on both new and used vehicles. As far as the dealer is concerned, they will earn a very nice commission from the finance company. Sometimes you’ll be able to get an improved deal when they take this commission into account, which is why the question of how you’ll be paying for the car crops up when you’re seated in the chair, offered a coffee and the serious talking starts. Ownership of the car is not yours until the final payment, so you’ll need a settlement figure if you decide to part exchange it for your next car.

You may decide to take a personal loan. This effectively makes you a cash purchaser. Remember that the dealer will prefer you to take the hire purchase route and make sure you do your sums, it’s the final sum paid that matters at the end of the day.

Personal Contract Purchase is a fast growing area of car finance. An agreed deposit is made; usually equal to about three months repayments. You then pay on a monthly basis for an agreed period, often two or three years. At the end of this period you have a choice of returning the car or making a final payment and keeping it. You will be aware at the beginning of the agreement just what this figure will be and this is guaranteed provided you haven’t exceeded the annual mileage allowance. Again this is per the agreement but usually estimated at around 12,000 miles per year.

Obviously with this arrangement the monthly payment will be lower than it would be with hire purchase, but the car is only yours after the final lump sum is paid. Many people stick with the same make of car and use this type of finance, returning the car and replacing it with their choice of a new model at the end of the term.

A simple lease deal may suit you even better. This is arranged through a leasing company. You negotiate the price for the car from whichever source you choose, and then agree the period of the lease, normally two to three years. Make a payment equal to three months of the agreed monthly repayment, set up your monthly payment source and at the end of the time you simply return the car and that’s it. No hassle, no used car to sell. Choose, lease, pay and hand back.

So, the choice is yours. Careful comparison will pay dividends, make those comparisons and make your money work for you.

Enjoy your choice!

Pop Quiz For First-Time Car Buyers

2191551803 ab72c853d3 Pop Quiz For First Time Car Buyers
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If you are considering buying a car for the first time, you might not know where to begin. Making such a major purchase is most likely the first step in your financial life, so it is very important to take it seriously.

That’s the word from the experts at a national consumer education campaign called AWARE (Americans Well-informed on Automobile Retailing Economics).

To help first-time auto buyers navigate the financing system, it has put together this pop quiz:

• Do you have a budget? If you don’t already have one, create one. It will help you determine how much car you can afford. Don’t forget vehicle-related costs outside of a new car payment, particularly insurance costs. Premiums for many young drivers can be as much as the monthly car payment. Don’t forget to include maintenance, gas and taxes.

• Have you pulled your credit report? Your credit history may affect your finance rate, so it’s a good idea to get a copy of your free credit report before heading to the dealer. Go to www.annualcredit for yours.

• Have you shopped around? Do some homework before you decide which car to buy and where to buy it. Call your bank or credit union. Talk to dealerships. Print out all quotes and keep them in a folder that you bring with you when you shop for the car. Whether you finance through your dealer or elsewhere, there are typically no penalties to refinance if you’re not satisfied.

• Do you know how finance rates are determined? Vehicle financers use a number of factors to determine the finance rate they will offer you, including your credit score, the price of the vehicle you would like to purchase, manufacturer incentives, the amount of your down payment, your debt repayment options and the length of the finance contract. The rate offered to you may be negotiable.

• Is there someone you could ask to be a co-signer if needed? If you are under the age of 18, are currently not employed, do not have a credit history or your credit history is not good, you may need a responsible person to co-sign the finance contract for you.

• Do you know the difference between leasing and financing? Know what an APR is? Credit insurance? Guaranteed Auto Protection? You need to educate yourself on these terms and understand the value and price of aftermarket products. If you don’t want something, don’t sign for it.

According to Eric Hoffman of AWARE, if you answered “no” to one or more questions, go back and hit the books before you buy a car or truck. Said Hoffman, “Consumers, especially those at the beginning of their financial lives, need to be vigilant about understanding the vehicle-financing process. If you make mistakes along the way, they can follow you for years.”

Car Finance through a car dealer

6468616905 c7668d8a03 Car Finance through a car dealer
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All of us require proper car finance at the time of purchasing a car. The procedure to buy a car from a car dealer would be simpler rather than walking directly into a company. Car dealers arrange for some useful services of automobiles loans and automobile insurance. Dealer financing is probably the best route for a low interest car loan as they deal in large volume. If you are not satisfied with the car finance provided by your dealer you can always opt for automobile refinancing.

The following information will help you understand the importance of Automobile Loans, Automobile refinancing, and Automobile Insurance. All three factors play an important role at the time of purchasing a car.

1) Automobile Loans

All of us need a car but to buy a car we need to obtain financial loan. Automobile Loans are very important source of helping the buyers to finance their cars. An automobile loan route is the direct automobile financing route. Automobile dealership will help you get a better bargaining power with an approved automobile loan. Automobile loan terms can be shorter or longer. If you go for a higher car loan term you will have to pay a high interest rate and vice versa. Since the car dealers have access to multiple financial institutions you can be assured a low interest rate.

2) Automobile Insurance

It would always be advisable to have an automobile insurance if you own and have a car. All you have to do is apply for an automobile insurance and pay the premium to the insurance company once a year. If you meet with a an accident, damage your vehicle and spent lots of funds on its repairs all you have to do is just inform the insurance company and get all your money back. A car dealer will help you with the service of automobile insurance.

3) Automobiles refinancing

If you have a poor credit history you can submit your application to the automobile refinancing. Your poor credit scores can make you to pay a much higher rate of interest on the loan. One does not need an appraisal for refinancing the automobile loan. You also need to make a note of all the reasons you need to refinance. Consumers who do not pay enough attention to the automobile financing can encourage trouble and might have to pay a higher interest rate. Automobile refinancing is seeing a boom mainly on account of the lowest mortgage rates in 45 years.

Car Loans: Finding A Financial Institution

Car Loans: Finding A Financial Institution

You car dealer will most probably offer to finance the purchase of your car. Although is it very convenient to just sign the papers are the dealers office and drive home with your car, you should not give in to the temptation of letting your car dealer finance your car immediately. Note that most car dealers will give you higher interests as compared to other financial institutions like banks and credit unions. Since the interest rates given by car dealers can be quite high, you will end up paying more for the car. If you want to save some money, it is best for you to go to a bank or a credit union and ask the bank to finance the car for you.

Shopping Around First

Before you get a car loan from a bank or a credit union, you must shop around first. Find our which banks or credit unions can give you better terms and conditions. Do not limit yourself to the major banks and credit unions in your locality. Sometimes small banks and lending institutions can give you lower interest rates and better payment schemes which will help you save money.

When you go for an institution to finance the purchase of your car, you must pay close attention on the interest rates. Many financial institutions all over the country will give you a choice between fixed and variable interest rates. Fixed interest rates can be advantageous to you if you are anticipating an increase in prices. Since the interest rates are fixed from the time you get your car loan up to the time that you are able to pay back the entire loan, you will be protected from the effects of price increases. The catch here is that since the interest rates are fixed, you will mostly likely be given higher interest rates by the bank from the very beginning to anticipate any increase in prices.

On the other hand, the variable interest rates can be quite advantageous considering that prices often fluctuate. With the variable interest rates, you can enjoy lower interest rates every time the prices go down. If the prices stay down for a long period of time, then you will be able to save lots of money. The drawback here is that if the prices go up, your interest rates will also go higher and that could cost you a lot of money.

Another thing that you should consider when you go shopping for a financial institution to finance the purchase of your car is the payment scheme of the financial institution. Find out how often you will need to make payments. Do not just assume that you will be paying your amortization monthly. Some financial institutions have developed a payment scheme that is more convenient for the clients. You may want to check out the options for paying as well. Do they only take mail-in payments or can you pay online Knowing your options can help you stay on track.

Saving Money On The Costs Of Running A Car

We all know that running a car is expensive but how often do we workout exactly what we are spending?
There are ways to reduce costs on your current vehicle and factors to consider when buying a new car.

Firstly how much is your finance deal costing each month? Car dealers will of course try to sell you their finance package but this may not be the best deal for you. It is well worth taking the time to do some research to check out other options available. Internet comparison sites and loan calculators are useful tools to assist in this process and looking for cheap loans before looking for the car will normally work in your favour financially. The main advice here is to do all of this research well in advance. Car salespeople are well trained in their art and will almost certainly put the pressure on to accept their finance arrangements once you are in the dealership. The reason for this is the profits they can make by selling a finance deal as well as a vehicle. In fact often the finance package makes them more moeny that the car itself.

Insurance premiums have risen significantly in recent years. This is because of the increase in personal injury claims and the number of uninsured drivers. The insurance quote will vary according to the type of car, your postcode and the age of the driver. The key to saving money is once again to shop around. Just because one provider was the best value last year does not mean that is still the case when it comes to renewing your policy. Millions of people still regularly renew with their existing provider without shopping around and waste money needlessly.

If you intend to keep your car for an extended period then depreciation will not be a major issue. However, if you change your car regularly but are trying to keep costs down, then consider paying a little extra for a car with a higher resale value. Family cars tend to lose their value most quickly and may only be worth 1/3 of their purchase price after 3 years. However, more prestigious brands can still be worth 70% of the new price after 3 years. Also consider buying nearly new rather than new. That way you will not be fundung the high initial depreciation that vehicles suffer from.

Rising fuel prices obviously have a major impact on running costs. Why not choose a smaller more fuel efficient car or perhaps try a diesel model? Whenever possible fill your tank at supermarkets which usually offer lower fuel prices.

Servicing costs will vary according to the age of the car. If your vehicle is less than 3 years old you are likely to pay more. If at all possible avoid using a main dealer for servicing and repairs. Independent garages usually charge considerably less for labour.

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